Maximizing ABA

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) studies how an individual reacts to their surroundings, and aims to modify behavior to produce a more desirable outcome. By utilizing research-based interventions, behavior specialists can improve safety, promote communication, and enrich the lives of individuals with autism.

Home-Based Therapy

A professional and compassionate Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) regularly visits your home to engage your child in mastering important skills. This may include learning exercises, household chores, or activities to regulate emotions. Your child will gain awareness and independence that will help them to interact better with family and friends.

Parent Training

Our clinical staff provides guidance and consultation to parents at every step of the therapeutic process. We educate and empower parents so they can appropriately respond to their child's needs and behaviors. We strongly believe that integrating therapy goals into a child's home environment creates stability for the child and maximizes their opportunity to succeed.

ABA Interventions Have Helped Children Progress In Many Areas:

With Family
Getting Dressed

Insurance Management

We’re here to answer all your insurance-related questions and handle the process of getting approval for services. Our knowledgeable staff patiently guides you to access the information you need and get the highest quality help for your child- in a way you can afford.